Video Take Over


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Overlay a Video Popup or Top/Bottom Bar
over any Web Page you want

Video Takeover Review and Bonus

What is Video Takeover?

Video Takeover is a cloud-based app to easily create a highly attention grabbing video popup or a top/bottom bar overlay on any web page you want. Inside the bar/popup, you can add a headline, video, scarcity timer, text after the timer/video ends, and/or CTA button with redirect link.

The main purpose why the creators Brett Rutecky and Michael Thomas did create this app, was to give affiliates the opportunity to show a review/bonus video directly on the sellers sales page.

This way, as affiliate you won’t need a special bonus page or pre-sell page. Now you can send your email subscribers or blog visitors directly to the sales page. However, not to the same sales page as all other affiliates do. No, to a sales page with your video message and countdown timer on it!

How does Video Takeover work?

Step 1. Login. You can login to your dashboard from any device you want with a browser and internet connection.

Step 2. Create your Bar, Widget or your Video Popup. Just select your color/font, button and Scarcity settings/preferences, and enter some fields (Name of the Bar/Popup, YouTube video ID, redirect URL).

Step 3. Select your Trigger. You can choose out of OnPageLoad, Timed Trigger or Exit Intend Trigger.

Step 4. Create your page. Just give your page a name and copy the earlier created embed code for your Bar, Widget or Video Popup inside the form. Now the software creates a URL on the domain videotakeover.us, like this one:


Step 5. Share your link on your web page, in your email or as Facebook post.

Or if you don’t want to watch the video, below some screen shots…

Video Takeover Example Box

Video Takeover Bar Example

Other main features of Video Takeover

  • Placements. You can place your popup on the right or left (at 3/4 of the page). Your bar can be on top or at the bottom.
  • 3 Types of Triggers. OnPageLoad, Timed (after x seconds) or Exit Intend Trigger.
  • 2 Types of Scarcity Timers. Evergreen (time counts down for 1-48 hours) or Date/Time in future.
  • >Mobile responsive and Auto Fit seizes of bar width and popup box seizes. You can’t set your sizes, but the app will always show them properly (depends on device and content).
  • Easily add elements and change fonts and colors. You can add a headline, video or text, video end text, countdown timer and CTA button (use the built-in librabry or upload your own) with redirect link.
  • Video Library. There are 4 videos built-in the app that you can use for your own campaigns.
  • Facebook Featured Image. You can add you own image to use as Facebook Featured image.
  • URL creation. The end result is always a link that you can share as link on your web page, in your email or as Facebook post.
  • Simple Analytics with view stats.

Video Takeover is very easy to use and anybody can now create video popups or bar overlays that can be placed on any web page or sales pages.

Are there any shortcomings?

The app is easy to use and didn’t found any bugs or program errors.


Why should you buy Video Takeover?

Because it’s an easy to use cloud-based app to create links that you can share/post (on your blog, social media, inside your emails) which will refer to any original web or sales page you want but with your video popups or bars as overlay and scarcity timers and/or CTA inside.Hence, a great way for affiliates to show their review/bonus video on the regular seller’s sales pages and use scarcity to increase conversions. As side benefit, affiliates won’t need to create a special bonus page and/or pre-sell page. A video is enough!